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Sunscreen + Moisturizer (SPF 50) PA+++ with Vitamin E and Natural Oils

Prevents from UV Damage | Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Aging Properties | Moisturizes Skin | Fades Scars | NonSticky | Leaves No White Cast

For All Skin Types

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<b>Sea Ferns SPF 50 PA+++ Sunscreen With Hydrating Moisturizer for protection from powerful UV Rays</b>

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<li>Infused with <b>Zinc Oxide, Argon Oil, Vitamin E, Citric Acid</b> & <b>Calendula Extract</b></li>
<li>Aids in <b>reducing inflammation, delays aging signs</b> & <b>diminishes scars</b></li>
<li>Provides <b>enduring hydration </b>for a <b>luminous skin tone</b>, <b>combats discoloration</b></li>
<li>This <b>non-comedogenic formula</b> with a silky texture is ideal for <b>normal, oily & combination skin types</b>.</li>
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<b>Sun Protection:</b> Shields the skin from UV rays and prevents sunburn, ensuring sun protection.</br>
<br><b>Anti-Aging:</b> Delays signs of aging, such as wrinkles, for a more youthful appearance.</br>
<br><b>Scar Fading:</b> Fades scars and prevents discoloration, contributing to even skin tone.</br>
<br><b>Cancer Prevention:</b> Guards against skin cancer and pre-cancers, promoting long-term skin health.</br>
<br><b>Nourishment:</b> Keeps the skin healthy and nourished with the infusion of Argan Oil and Calendula.</br>

Key Ingredients

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<b>Zinc Oxide:</b>
Shields skin with SPF 50, providing broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. Prevents sun damage, reduces the risk of sunburn, and promotes overall skin health.</br>
<br><b>Argan Oil:</b>
Nourishes and moisturizes, leaving skin hydrated and radiant. Its antioxidants combat free radicals, promoting a healthy complexion while supporting the skin's natural barrier.</br>
<br><b>Vitamin E:</b>
Acts as a potent antioxidant, protecting skin from UV damage and environmental stressors. Hydrates and supports skin repair, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.</br>
<br><b>Citric Acid:</b>
Enhances exfoliation, promoting skin renewal for a brighter complexion. Regulates pH levels, promoting a balanced and healthy skin tone. Provides a gentle yet effective chemical exfoliation.</br>
<br><b>Calendula Extract:</b>
Soothes and calms the skin, reducing inflammation and redness. Offers natural healing properties, promoting skin repair. Enhances the sunscreen's soothing effects for a comfortable and protected experience.


Sunscreen + Moisturizer (SPF 50) PA+++ with Vitamin E and Natural Oils

100 ml - Rs. 999.00
  • 100 ml - Rs. 999.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Apply the sunscreen daily, especially before sun exposure, and reapply every two hours for optimal protection.

The product provides SPF 50 UV protection, hydration, and anti-inflammatory benefits, and promotes skin health, delaying aging signs and fading scars.

Results vary, but consistent use can lead to improved skin hydration and a radiant complexion over a few weeks.

Perform a patch test before full application. Avoid contact with eyes. Consult a dermatologist if you have specific skin concerns or allergies.

Yes, the formula is designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin. However, conduct a patch test to ensure compatibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Super lightweight!

The texture and smell of the sunscreen are good. I apply it daily before doing my makeup and it doesn't leave white patches at all.


Finally, a sunscreen that understands Indian skin! Wild Oak's Sea Ferns SPF 50 is not just effective against the harsh sun but also keeps my skin moisturized. And it smells divine, not at all like the typical sunscreen.


I've tried so many sunscreens but none like Wild Oak's Sea Ferns. It blends so well into the skin without leaving any greasiness. Plus, the SPF 50 ensures I'm well protected. It's a must-have for anyone living in tropical climates.


I've been using Wild Oak's Sea Ferns sunscreen for a month now, and my skin has never felt better. It's so lightweight and doesn't leave any white cast, which is a big yes-yes for me. Highly recommend to all my desi girls out there!


Wild Oak's Sea Ferns sunscreen is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts like me. It's water-resistant and keeps my skin protected for hours. I don't have to reapply as often, which is great when I'm out and about.

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