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Korean Rice Face Scrub

Lightens Dark Patches | Evens Texture | Minimizes Open Pores | Prevents Skin Breakouts | Exfoliates Gently

All Skin Types

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<li>Infused with <b>Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil,</b> and <b>Almond Oil</b></li>
<li>This revitalizing exfoliating scrub effectively <b>lightens dark patches, enhances skin texture,</b> and <b>prevents ingrown hairs</b></li>
<li>It also <b>reduces acne breakouts</b>, leaving your face with a <b>luminous, healthy glow</b>.</li>
<li>The formula provides <b>deep nourishment</b> without leaving a greasy residue, making it <b>suitable for all skin types</b>, including <b>sensitive skin</b>.</li>
<li>Crafted with a <b>gentle, creamy texture</b>, it ensures a <b>smooth, radiant complexion</b>.
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<br><b>Targets Uneven Skin Tone:</b> Lightens dark patches, promoting a more even skin tone.</br>
<br><b>Enhances Skin Texture:</b> Improves skin texture, leaving it smooth and revitalized.</br>
<br><b>Exfoliates Gently:</b> The non-stripping texture reduces the risk of irritation.</br>
<br><b>Reverses Acne:</b> Reduces acne and skin breakouts for clearer and healthier-looking skin.</br>

Key Ingredients

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<b>Rice Powder:</b> Inspired by Korean skincare, the finely milled rice particles exfoliate gently, promoting a brighter complexion and even skin tone, revealing a natural radiance.</br>

<br><b>Walnut Shell Powder:</b> Ground walnut shells provide effective yet mild exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and promoting smoother, softer skin.</br>

<br><b>Sweet Almond Oil:</b> Nourishing and hydrating, sweet almond oil helps replenish moisture, leaving skin supple and promoting a healthy, radiant glow.


Korean Rice Face Scrub

100 gm - Rs. 849.00
  • 100 gm - Rs. 849.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Use 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

Expect brighter complexion, even skin tone, smoother texture, and reduced acne breakouts.

Visible results may vary, but improvements can often be noticed after a few uses.

Patch test first to ensure no adverse reactions. Avoid open wounds or irritated skin.

Yes, it is suitable for sensitive skin, but perform a patch test and use with caution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews

I never skip my nightly skincare routine, especially not since I added Wild Oak's Korean Rice Scrub to it. It has made such a difference in how my skin looks and feels in the morning—truly radiant and refreshed.


I'm in love with this face scrub! It's not just a scrub; it's like a spa treatment at home. My skin feels so pampered and glowing after each use. Wild Oak has truly outdone themselves with this product.


This scrub is a staple in my skincare routine now. It's gentle, effective, and leaves my skin glowing. I love the texture and how it makes my skin feel. Wild Oak's Korean Rice Scrub is definitely worth trying.


Finally, a scrub that lives up to its promises! Wild Oak's Korean Rice Scrub has helped me achieve the radiant glow I've always wanted. It's been fantastic for my combination skin, balancing out the oily and dry patches beautifully.


As someone with acne-prone skin, I was hesitant to try another scrub. But the Korean Rice Radiant Glow Face Scrub has been a blessing. It's gentle yet effective, and I've noticed a significant reduction in breakouts. Thumbs up from me!

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