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Rosemary, Bhringraj & Jojoba Hair Oil

Reverses Hair Fall | Promotes Hair Growth | Repairs Damaged Hair | Strengthens Hair Follicles | Soothes Itchy Scalp

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Product Details

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<li>Infused with <b>Rosemary Leaf Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil,</b> and <b>Bhringraj Extract</b></li>
<li>Prevents <b>dryness, dullness, and dandruff,</b> and shields hair from <b>heat and chemicals</b></li>
<li>Stimulates scalp circulation to <b>promote growth and strength</b></li>
<li><b>Softens, smoothens,</b> and <b>adds a radiant shine</b>, effectively <b>combating frizz</b></li>
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<br><b>Hairfall Reversal:</b> Stimulates scalp blood circulation, promoting hair growth and strength.</br>
</br><b>Intense Nourishment:</b> Moisturizes and nourishes hair and scalp, preventing dryness, dullness, and dandruff.</br>
<br><b>Damage Defense:</b> Protects hair from damage caused by heat, chemicals, and wear and tear.</br>
<br><b>Frizz Control:</b> Softens and smooths hair, reducing frizz and enhancing texture.</br>
<br><b>Improved Texture:</b>Adds shine and luster, contributing to a healthy and beautiful hair appearance.</br>

Key Ingredients

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<b>Rosemary Leaf Oil:</b> Stimulates hair growth, reduces dandruff, and nourishes the scalp with its antimicrobial properties, leaving hair healthy and shiny.</br>

<br><b>Jojoba Seed Oil:</b> Moisturizes and conditions hair, preventing dryness and frizz, while promoting a healthy scalp and supporting hair strength and elasticity.</br>

<br><b>Bhringraj Extract Oil:</b> Known for its herbal benefits, it strengthens hair, reduces hair fall, and supports overall hair health, imparting a lustrous shine.</br>

<br><b>Olive Oil:</b>Beneficial for hair as it moisturizes, strengthens, and adds shine while also promoting scalp health and potentially reducing dandruff.</br>


Rosemary, Bhringraj & Jojoba Hair Oil

50ml - Rs. 699.00
  • 50ml - Rs. 699.00

Real Product, Real Results

A month into using this oil, and the improvement in scalp health is significant. The glass dropper ensures I apply just the right amount, eliminating waste and mess.

I almost decided on a hair transplant but found this hair oil at the perfect time. I've seen drastic hair growth. Just be consistent with the use and you can see the results soon.

My hair had become damaged with too much styling. This oil is super nourishing, my hair has become frizz-free after 3 uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended to use the hair oil 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

The hair oil stimulates growth, reduces dandruff, prevents dryness, adds shine, and combats frizz for healthier, shinier hair.

Visible results may vary, but many users experience improvements in hair texture and shine within a few weeks of regular use.

Perform a patch test before full application to ensure no allergic reactions. Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

While generally safe, it's advisable to conduct a patch test, especially for individuals with sensitive skin, to avoid potential adverse reactions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Very effective hair oil.

I have been using this hair oil for the last one month. This is the most lightweight, non-greasy hair oil that I've tried in my life. Never had to wash the hands after applications even.
And my frizzy hair has become considerably manageable. It feels much softer. And I've also seen decrees of hair falls.
Love the smell a lot too, it smells like it is made of natural ingredients.
So much in love with this hair oil that I've gifted one to my cousin sister too.


Finding a hair product that doesn't weigh down my hair has been a challenge, but this oil is perfect. It maintains a natural look while providing essential nourishment.


This product has quickly become indispensable in my hair care routine. Its light, nourishing formula works wonders, and the glass dropper ensures I use just the right amount.


The cruelty-free aspect and natural formulation align with my ethical values, making this hair oil an excellent choice for conscious consumers.


This hair oil has become an essential travel companion, thanks to its effectiveness and the convenience of its glass bottle with a dropper. It suits various climates well.

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